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Sports Manager Social Network Popuz

Dominates the Waterpolo and proves to be the best manager.

In the Manager Fantasy Waterpolo you will get control of a water polo team, you must manage your team, improve your team and confront your rivals to arrive at the highest...
Simply,be the best!
Compete with thousands of users to obtain the prestigious Cup Fantasy Manager, you must master the intricacies of a sport as surprising as the Waterpolo, immerse yourself in the online manager to know and dominate the sport and thus Win.
Your team is full of players of different nationalities, age, personality ... , You can improve your team using the market, the young players, Team B , etc., come to your opponents will be vital and prepare for their game counteract a need, create a team full of stars with a playing style that can give you amazing victory.

Everything depends on you, Do you accept the challenge?

Active servers Selected: Fantasy Waterpolo Popuz
  • Fantasy Waterpolo Popuz Main language
    Server used for RF (www.resultados-futbol.com) the most important Spanish soccer social network.
    Online: 3
    Registered users: 47
    Max. Users: 19.670

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